The kimono is the traditional Japanese garment and the national dress of Japan. Until the western dresscodes were brought to Japan, the “kimono” was refering to any type of clothes.

Few accessories are compliting the kimono traditional look such as the obi, the haori (overshirt or light jacket) and the haori-himo (to fasten the jacket).

Therefor, we have selected for you you some exclusive haori from Kyoto, versatile and able to suit any season with their richness of fabrics and vibrant colors.

The haori is a hip- or thigh-length kimono-like overcoat with straight, rather than overlapping, lapels. Haori were originally worn by men until they were popularised as women’s wear as well by geisha in the Meiji period.

They are traditionally made from a single bolt of fabric and fastened with a woven string, the haori-himo. Like the Obi, any motif or variation of color has a cultural significance or story inspired by Japanese traditional history which makes every piece unique.

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